Phil and Nadine’s gap year

Well, there is no time like the present to take a gap year. We both had to wait for our ‘mid years’ to have one but what the hell. We have to find out what we have missing hey?

Lately, we have been thinking less about working and more about living. I don’t think it’s about work life balance… I think its just about life. You only get one so why spend most of your ‘living’ working for other people and falling in and out of love with what you do. ( My own personal experience – not anyone else!)

Yes – you still have bills to pay and you have to live, I agree. But really, do you need 21 spoons? 3 televisions for 2 sets of eyes? A 4 bedroom house for 2 people? A wardrobe for all seasons? No. I don’t think you do. These are all things that can be replaced but memories are to be made for a lifetime and we want to build up those reserves!

We don’t want to get to our 60’s and think ah bugger – shoulda done that! Plus we want to be able to climb, walk, crawl, stagger and see what we can before our knees go – along with our minds! Mind you, we will still have to watch the old joints but they still bounce back a little quicker now so we had better strike while the iron is hot!

We are really at the starting point and there are so many lists of things to do that I almost think you need a ‘to do list’ for the’ to do lists!’ Where to start? Serious big questions need to be answered in the coming month for us to even begin to think of taking off but at least we have committed to it and started a folder! ( Now its official!)

This blog won’t just be about our glorious photos to make you jealous ( hehehe) but i guess a fools guide to taking a trip around the country because if we can do it, anyone can! We have to survive the ‘to do lists’ before we even start the engine and start cruising so the next few months are going to be interesting.

Throw in some major pool renovations, work commitments and life in general, the coming months will no doubt test our ability to plan, make decisions, patience ( of which I have low low levels) and our desire to get going!

The big plan is to take off around Australia for 9 month and then look to do 3 months in Europe – hopefully in their summer! Off track, off road and out of here for 12 whole months will be amazing! And it won’t just be Phil and I as Chessie joins us on our Australian adventure as well!

While that might restrict us a little, we couldn’t leave her behind. She is in her twilight years as well and is important to us. Plus, she loves the bush and beach and there are stacks of places in this big wide country of ours that allow dogs!!

So, this is the beginning…..





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