Getting out there…

Today was one of those beautiful Autumn mornings in Wynnum Manly town…


The sun was shining, the bird life by the bay was gently going about their morning rituals, people were smiling, the breeze was calmly blowing and sitting by the sands with Chessie, I got a taste of what the Gap Year will be like….and I can’t wait!


So off I popped to the shops to invest in my new passion.


Yep – I am now one of those people! 🙂

Having spent the past two nights filling my mind map, now I need to actually start looking at the nitty gritty that will get us off the couch and onto the wide open road. There is so much research to be done. It takes me back to the endless weekends Phil and I spent trolling houses, looking for the right one to buy. I think it took us about 6-8 months of searching until we found this one and even though I know we both don’t want to take that long… it is going to mean hours of wandering 4WD and Camper trailer yards! The first list I have drawn up for us to venture to is 10… there might be some serious coffee investment coming up in the next couple of months!

But we have no idea what we are looking for so in order for us to hit the Caravanning and Camping Expo in June and get ‘That Deal’ we have to have done our research so we know the UT203 Multimeter from our ROc-SOLID FSP’s. ( cheat and google – I did!)

This magazine is really quite interesting and exciting! Thinking of all the places we can go is a bit overwhelming though the one thing I keep reading over and over again is that the first thing we need to do is pick a date to leave. Make a commitment and lock it in Eddie! Otherwise it could be next month, next year, after the grand final, after the cows moo…

So, the goal is to have a departure date by the end of the month. TICK

The other thing I read which I found interesting was the following:

‘  A trip like this is probably not financially wise, may set you back on the corporate ladder, or cost you a place in your social network during absense. it might be all of those things and more.

What it will be though is enjoying a cup of coffee for the taste rather than the caffeine hit you need to get you through a morning meeting, and it will be the best time you have had since you got three months of holidaying after you finished grade 12. Don’t worry about what a trip like this might be. Focus on what it will be and get out there and enjoy it.’

words by Brendan Batty, Article Australian 4WD Camping Guide 2016



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