Planning planning planning….

Next weekends hit list:

Mars Campers

Ezytrail Camper Trailers

MDC Camper Trailers

Cub Campers

Lifestyle Camper Trailers

EMU Campers

Insert coffee breaks and food stops…actually, should start practicing and pack a hamper!!

This is what we are planning on bargaining for…


swag deluxe

Check out the Swag Camper Voyager II Deluxe…all these terms… I can’t keep up! Deluxe… Voyager… Dominator…Patriot…Gammon… hahaha kidding!

#philandnadinegapyear even has an email now!!

If you have any ideas for us to check out, travel tips, places to see, smart inventions or tricks for surviving the camper life please email us at




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