wikicamps wonder…

In searching for things to read ( of which there is oodles and oodles) and things we should see and places we should go, we happened across this deadly little ap called wikicamps


I am not very well known to be good with technology. Actually, I pretty much suck at it but this ap is incredibly user friendly and is a wealth of information. If you are into camping or are interested in getting off the beaten track, this is the ap for you!!

Avid travelers have entered information about camping spots, points of interest, caravan parks etc across the whole country and it can be updated by members which is awesome!

You can create checklists – and you know I loves me a good checklist – check satellite locations and other groovy little things! Even if you are not keen on the open road  right now, this ap will suck you in to making travel maps for parts of this country you have never seen!

We are using this to track our first leg so will be sure to let you know what that is!!!



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