Others who have ventured

Life has been a little bit hectic at the moment and has taken some time away from our planning which is probably a good thing! Honestly, you can only look at so many camper trailers before they all start to look the same, have the same lights, same colours…same same!

The wonderful internet has been a source of help in the past week as we continue to build our network of free stops and campsites around this big old country. There are 1000’s of people traveling around this country all connected by Facebook sharing tips, secret camp spots and other bits of information that we are saving in our travel folder.

One article I came across is about a man and his cat.


He made the decision to sell his house and take off in his campervan with his cat. Look at that photo! How content is that cat right now in his own little chair? Watch the video and the freindship between these two is so lovely. They are totally at peace with each other and enjoy their time together.

Read the Van Cat Meow or watch the video. You can also follow Van Cat Meow on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube….if you want to!!!

Seriously….how content does she look?



This is what I can’t wait for….those quiet times alone… with my hubbie… and my dog.

This weekend we hopefully can tick off one big purchase off our list



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