Ginger is coming our way in 6 weeks!

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to Ginger….



This is going to be our home away from home during our gap year! Don’t know if it’s a He or She yet – don’t care! It’s ours and we cannot wait to get it on the road!

Phil and I have been pretty busy with work in the past 20 days and haven’t had the time to scratch ourselves let alone think about the 17th of October but in the back of our minds and written in bold on the fridge has been the date of the Caravan and Camping Show as a ‘ Time to wheel and deal!’

So off we trundled into seafood mayhem!!! * Seafood is the term we use for dopey doras who just walk everywhere, left, right, straight, stop, look left, turn and then keep wandering off…UGH…testing my patience of which I have very little. ( Stop nodding everyone!)

But we did it….

Lots of camper trailers to see… lots to look at… looking…looking….looking….took its toll on me!!!

20160609_152658 - Copy (2)

zzzzzz…taking in the dreamcooker demonstration…..

Me and crowds don’t mix so after strolling through the endless rows of camper trailers – front folds, rear folds, side folds, double folds, camper offroads, offroad tri campers…WTH!!! Grey nomads have been onto something and now I know the reason. Freedom!!! There are bibs and bobs that we don’t even have in our own house!!!

But after a really bad cup of coffee and something that resembled a tea, we had made our decision. Mind you, we had settled on Ezytrail some weeks ago but wanted to wait for the show to get our bargains!! So….Phil’s bargaining power at the ready, we armed ourselves – well, he armed himself for the sell and off we went!!!

And this be Ginger ( cos he is blue and spicy!)

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Some of my favourite things:

  • Awesome pantry storage
  • Great pullout kitchen
  • seating area opens out to a deadly view – depending where you are!
  • Its blue – Love blue!
  • We get solar panels, hot water shower, portaloo, ensuite and bike rack!!

Plus I love the view from the bed….

20160609_162205 - Copy (2)

View from the bed

And the fact that we have two sunroofs – one in the lounge room and the other over the bed!

20160609_162148 - Copy (2)

First sunroof ever!!!

So after Phil signed on the dotted line…


Making it all official!

You could say that we are 6 weeks away from owning our first big major investment in this life change we are making. To say we are happy is an understatement. We have both worked incredibly hard all our lives and we are now looking forward to some time together on the road with our 4 legged friend. Taking time to take in this beautiful country of ours – it’s stories, it’s songs, it’s motions and it’s people.

Yes. We are very happy!


Two Happy Campers!

Next up, we have to find the four wheel drive to move the bloody thing!!

So, we are looking for a secondhand crew cab, diesel, snorkel, auto with two inch lift and canopy. Desirable to have drawers, winch, UHF and must be in good nick. (Ahhh like I know what I am talking about! Thank you Phil!)

Finder’s Fee applies so let us know!