48 hours

A lot can happpen in 48 hours.


This is what planning looks like on a Saturday Night

When we committed to going on our Gap Year, we hadn’t really anticipated the amount of work it would take to get us to the point of getting even close to the starting line! Human hours, dollars, cents and madness seriously have kicked in the past 48 hours.


So…as many of you know, we have been slightly procrastinating over this for the past year. We thought we had HEAPS of time to do what we had to but alas, it silently crept up and bit us hard on the bum! All good though as we have Norm and his sons who started the long job of getting our backyard house ready.

Monday morning out came the jack hammer and BOOM went the cement! Every day I get home from work and get an update from the Foreman ( Chessie) who delights in spending time with the workers, chucking toys, looking for love and generally doing what she does best – being a lush!!!


Phil has been searching endlessly online for our beast to tow the van. Not only has he been spending hours and hours researching the worst – colour coded and all! How deadly is Poppa Solid???

Endless hours of searching resulted in tracking down this beauty on gumtree. So off we trekked to Warner ( where the hell is that? Google that baby!) Do you think we could have picked the furthest place to look at a car? Yep!

So… by the lights of the full moon ( how romantic) off we went to this fellas place. Now, sometimes you get suss when buying from people online but the first glance at his workshop PRISTINE and then his collection of cars SUPER PRISTINE we knew that the Navara would be in top condition. ( some images are a bit blurry)

We took it for a test drive and Phil wanted to try a body roll which would have been okay IF HE HAD OF TOLD ME! We are cruising along, having a chin wag then nek minnut, Phil rips it around the bend! Poor lad in front was grabbing for the door! It survived…so did we.

Yes – it is also blue which means we will be the travelling blueberries…or the wandering gingers!!!! (HAHAHAHA just laughing to myself!!!)

So….its ours and we pick it up Thursday. There goes the bank balance 🙂


Wee celebration….


We purchased this little baby over a month ago when we went to the camping and caravan show. They said it would take six weeks to build and make but it only took them four! AMAZING! But we didn’t even have a car to tow it with! ( Thanks Mark and Jo for the loan of your baby!!!! It was great!)

There are so many things involved with purchasing a trailer but we knew we would need a day to do it. After breaky and chats with the tradies, off we went to the bank for a nice little bank cheque exchange. The lovely lady at the bank said it was so exciting! Not for our bank account balance! Lots of polite laughing and chatting ensued but I love the conversations you have with people when you say you are disappearing for a year.

‘You guys aren’t that old!’

‘ What a great idea!’

‘What about working? Income?’

What about LIVING I say! Yes, we are worried about all of those things but if life has taught us anything in the past 7 months, it’s about grabbing it by the hand and run!!! Run to what makes you happy and gives you life.

We made our way to EZYTRAIL and here she was waiting…. I did a quick happy clap dance and then it was a final chin wag, sign the dotted line, hand over the cheque and then she was OURS!!!


She even followed us home after some quick instructions. We realised afterwards, that we will have to have some day trips away to practice putting it up and down… YAY WEEKEND TRIPS!

We took it to main roads to get her legal….


Got the number plates and then took off to Chandler to do some driving and parking. Phil is great at the reverse parking job. He took to it like fish to water. I was more like a cat in a bathtub but I think I prefer to look over my shoulder instead of using the mirrors.


From this day forth, Phil shall be known as the ‘Parking Master!’ Once we get the Navara, we will be spending a bit of time at Chandler doing the driving and parking practice. Its great! Just may want to stay away from that area for the next month during the week…you have been warned!


Phil is very happy with himself!

We finally got her home and into the car port. I honestly cannot explain how bloody excited and happy I am and at the same time, slightly terrified.

Our little Ginger baby is home, safe and sound and now begins the planning! Even Chessie gave her the paw of approval though I am guessing, she doesn’t really care as long as she is with us!

Phil was delighted with his Solar Panel Bag!


Everything comes in a bag! Seriously – it does. Maybe its a camper trailer thing but everything is packed neatly. One of my jobs coming up is to make bags for all of our belongs so we know where and what they are. My sewing machine will get one final workout before we go!!

Our fridge for the camper trailer also arrived today! It’s like CHRISTMAS!!!!


For the next couple of weeks, we will be spending a bit of time with our gingers – getting to know them! Over the next weeks, we will be planning to take our girls out and about, set them up, figure out the how to’s and the what to’s, where to store things, how to park, what this button does, how to put the skirts on ( That one will be explained in posts to come) and generally, getting our groove on.

We are extremely happy and excited for the days to come.



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