a new chapter begins today…

About a year ago, I finished up working at the State Library of Queensland. Not because I hated the job or the people but because I thought it was time. Phil and I had decided then that we should reward ourselves with a pre-grey nomad break and take six to twelve months to travel. We originally thought we would do 9 months in Australia and then the rest overseas.

However – as life does – it takes a different course and we pretty much put things on hold for a year and only managed 3 weeks travelling up to Winton and back. Mind you, we managed to see so much in that short time but now….a new chapter begins.

Most of you know I have spent the past year working at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre as a producer which has had its ups and downs but all up, it has been a great growing experience both professionally and personally.

It’s a weird thing at 42 years of age to feel lonely in a workplace. That had nothing to do with anyone in the team whatsoever but more so with me dealing with my new surroundings. An interesting thing to have to go through but it made me stronger and I made some wonderful caring friends from the experience.

Last weeks at work are always interesting. Days go slow at the beginning of the week and then you wind up chasing your bum for the later half!!! I had a great last week at QPAC. I had catch ups, chats by the stage door, lunches, drinks and lots of laughter. That’s the perfect sign!!!!

I will miss so many people at QPAC as they have given me so many new tools and knowledges, I will be forever grateful! The team work incredibly hard….to hard sometimes!!!

So after some post work drinks, Phil and I took a few minutes to take stock of everything and think about the new chapter.

I started my new chapter with the winnem kunjiel. There is nothing like the sun beating down on you and the thrumming of the didge. Everytime I am at an event like this, I remind myself that my Mother and her Mother and beyond never had the chance to get up and dance, sing and celebrate their language like we do today.



It was such a great day! I had the deadliest conversations with people about our mob and felt the good vibes beaming down on everyone. It helped that the weather spirits were absolutely shining down on us because I even managed to work on my tan!

Walking back along the esplanade with Chessie, I kept reminding myself to stop and take in the views. There are going to be many days ahead like that so better start training myself to not walk to a clock but to follow the sun.

This afternoon we had to do some maintenance on the car yard that is forming out front of our place! We have gone from two cars to 2 x 4wds, car and a campertrailer…what have we become??? The renovations have caused a bit of a dust dilemma at our place so Phil was keen to clean up the troops!


Phil bust keeping his pride and joy clean!

And I got to work on understanding our new home better. What pole goes where… Which end does the zip start…if I take off this panel, what happens…where does the table go…so many things to discover!!!

Even Chessie has manged to find that lizard from 1000000000 years ago that once crept through the yard via the camper trailer because its here….its here… it has to be here….I will wait till it comes back….


Chessie waiting….waiting…..waiting…..waiting….

A new chapter begins today…there are so many things to do but you know what, we don’t care. In the coming sunrises, we will pack our bags for a long time and head off!


and we are stoked!




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