Things are turning up…

The next. months  are going to feel a little like Christmas with things arriving  in the mail, packaging things up, storing things and finding out what works and what doesn’t! 

Our fridge for the Navara arrived this morning!  
One more  item off our list!

Working calendar and things to do appropriately placed beside the clock!!!



We survived the drive

After a somewhat interesting start to the session,  we settled into a good day of training…reversing and parking techniques. It was good to learn some tips so now we can go about practicing more and just getting used to the feel of the van and how it moves.

Driving home and parking the van was a little less stressful today. …Every day is a training day!!!

and we even got a certificate! 


Time to hit the road

Well nearly. …today we  make our way up to Gympie for our towing. course. We made it out of Wynnum so fingers crossed for a good  day! Updates  along the way!