The past 24 hours…

Have been wonderful and an introduction to the gap year ahead! 

Our first free camp at Gunalda was pretty relaxing. We shared the space with about 10 others including 3 dogs who I introduced myself too! 

It is beside the highway so there is so traffic but funnily I woke up because it was so quiet at one point! We had a visit from Jessica, Andrew and Madalyn for dinner and then fell asleep to the lull of the trucks. 

In the morning we headed off to do some parking practice which we did really well! Knowng we were going to stay in a park, we wanted to feel a bit more confident. Then a quick visit and puzzle with Jessica and Andrew and we were off to join the ranks at Cottontree.

So….All that practice….we got given the only angled site up a slight rise in the whole bloody place!  But Phil got us into the right spot! 

I have to say, camp people are lovely. The couple behind us helped us out and then invited us all to watch the grandfinal on their screen! 

So drinks – of which there were many – were had while to camping grounds cheered for the Bulldogs and then we ventures off to the beach to watch the Sun slowly fade. 

We all had a few bevies and decided to cook a meal but I forgot the sausages! So a quick trip to the iga, bbq chook in hand and a salad that lost its lettuce and we were sitting down to a great feast! Its amazing how relaxed you feel when you can go to sleep listening to the sounds of waves crashing….heaven!

The other thing about camping is that you are asleep by 9pm and up at 4am to do stupid things like watch the sunrise…. OMG amazing amazing amazing….

I took heaps of photos….Too many….pretty…ahhhh…lubbly!  What a great way to start the day. Pity about poor old dolly though….

She must of had a hard night! 



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