It seems like forever….Cottontree dreams…

The past few weeks have come and gone so quickly, that we don’t know where our heads are right now! I think we have totally underestimated the tasks lists!!! Don’t get me wrong – we are still heading off into the wide world of Oz but I don’t think I have ever been through the wringer of emotions like I have in the past months. Some days I love the idea, other days I hate it and then there are those days I want to stab it in the eye!!!

So…today I feel like giving the Gap Year a week little hug – kinda a good day!

There have been many good days in the past month so I wanted to recap and refresh my brain!!!


Lyn shouted us a weekend away at Cottontree as a Birthday, Christmas and Easter present all wrapped up in one for the next year! I havent been to Cottontree Beach since my uni days and it was nice to see it hadn’t changed that much. Sure, the park has gotten much much bigger but the camp is actually really lovely and while there were heaps of people, at night you still went ot sleep with the gentle noise of the waves lapping.

We stopped at Gundala for the night before and had spent a good 40 minutes practising our reverse parking at the Chatsworth School. We thought at least we can get some drills in before trying to reverse the old Ginger in the crowded caravan park. And….we did some pretty good parking!!!

HOWEVER……if there was the most angled, oddly raised and awkward spot to have to park into…..WE GOT IT! Seriously….Murphy’s Law is a right old shit sometimes 🙂

But we did it and what I loved the most, was that people around us – total strangers – took it upon themselves to help us out of a difficult situation.


They also then invited us all over to watch the Grandfinal which was doubly awesome!!!


Hopefully, we will catch up with our new friends when we travel to Tasmania as they work the ferries. Though I did ask her to slip me some drugs so I sleep through the whole thing!!!

Cottontree is as beautiful as it has always been. Walks in the early morning to see the sunrise, walks in the evening to watch the last rays disappear and time spent on the beach with family and friends = living.

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A wonderful time spent with wonderful friends and family…..this is living!

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