Research is essential

When you are looking at time on the road, you need to change certain lifestyle choices in order to live. This means having to sacrifice what you have come to know as comforts and take a bit of a risk, change and think outside the box!

I am always up for a challenge and happy to undertake some serious research in order to make things work.

Tonight, I took the first step towards a change.


It has been many years since I had the goon bag in the fridge but I have to tell you, 4 litres of wine for $$20!!!! You can’t make that stuff up! Okay, I also bought two bottles of soda water but let me just say…. 2 litres of Sav Blanc and 2 litres of Rose for $20!!!

If you find me in the morning, snuggled up to my silver pillow…its a good drop!

ps….its not bad!!!

#philandnadinegapyear #thestubbornfew


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