The yard it is a-changing…

With no thanks at all to Mister Landscaper. Yes, that is his business name but from this point on he shall be referred to a Dodgy Nob Norm. ( and that is being polite!)

Most of you know that when we made the decision to take a gap year, we decided to do some work around the house in order to make it a little better for someone to rent for a year and also because the old style pool fence had to be changed to fit the new pool fence regulations – which are shite but anyways!!!

So, lots of peeps have asked what the the changes have been and in all honesty, I have been so pissed off with the mess left by Dodgy Nob Norm, that I would have been happy for someone to light fire to it or bury it rather than have to think about fixing things.

One weekend, Lyn and Katie came over to help us  out and it made us actually stop. They were surprised by the amount of work that had been done and liked the changes. We had been so caught up in hating a lot of things about what Dodgy Nob Norm had done to the place and the shocking state he had left it in, that we hadn’t really taken in what had been done. We had appreciated some of the changes..they were just poorly executed.

So….some shots….

I have just started to paint the surface of the pool area so hopefully by end of next week, I will be finished. Just fighting the weather at the moment! Lots more open space so only the painting and planting of new shrubs to get it over the line.

The back yard has been raised about 1.2m and now creates a nice yard space for play! Its also the same level as the pool entrance so allows for easy access.

Underneath the house is probably one of the biggest changes. The actual floor level has been sunk about a foot which has created a huge open space. We have moved the steps from the side to go right off the back of the deck now. Funnily, it makes the deck look larger but is also a better option having 8 steps rather than 17! I still have to paint the flooring and touch up bits and pieces….but its getting there!

Some before shots….

And some afters….

We have had weekend after weekend of working on the house and we have some more to come! We might just get to enjoy it for at least 1 or 2 weeks before we go so make sure you pop on in! I will post final pictures in the week to come along with a celebratory picture of us smashing something on something!!! It has to be done!!

One thing is for sure…. this is the last time we do renovations! The next house we buy will be renovation free because I am soooooo over it!!!




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