Countdown…part 1….

If someone had of told me the emotional roller coaster you embark on when you decide to take a gap year – I probably would still have done it but planned the production a little better!

Seriously, Phil and I have laughed, cried, argued, screamed, sobbed, silently rocked, stupidly giggled and loved every part of these last few months.

We have read other people’s experiences of the pure bliss and joy of planning such a gap year and I have to call bullshit on their rubbish! Maybe they had more time, more drugs or more people helping them to figure everything out but I cannot imagine how we could have squeezed more into every single god damn day in the lead up to Sunday! This is some crazy shite!!!

Somedays I feel like that little cat sipping at the edge of the pool and the big GAP YEAR bully comes up and pushes me in. Upside – we don’t have to listen to the ongoing media TRUMPSLUDGE for the next year!! πŸ™‚

So whats been happening?

We finally got the house finished – well almost. We have had to do the last minute bits and pieces in the past few days. You know, the things you always forget. I don’t think our list fo things to do has ever been smaller than 20 – PER DAY!

Then I started the slow process of packing. You know when things are getting real when you only have limited jewellery. Normally, I have oodles of it to choose from every day, different colours, textures, builds but now I have lived with this for the past month…

And I have survived! I think one of the big learnings ( amongst many) will be living without and managing. Its actually quite alarming to pack up your gear and realise how much stuff you acquire. How much of it do I use? What is this? When was the last time I wore this? Whose is this red g-string? πŸ˜›

In the past month, we have tried our best to catch up with everyone before we go. Most times, we have succeeded but due to all the work we have had to do, we thought it would be best if everyone just came over and crashed. bring your beer, wine, food, blow up mattress and just crash.

There was a moment when I came upstairs to refill my flagon rose ( classy!) and I looked down on everyone beside the pool. Sometimes you don’t realise how blessed you are and how much people mean to you.

I think after nearly eight hours of swimming over the weekend, Chessie was pooped as well!


Chessie is down and out!!!

So after many drinks, laughs, love and food we thanked our lucky stars for good friends and family. We also got to update our wall so we can only imagine where the kiddos will be next year when we get back!! Even Sophie’s Ariel the Mermaid made the wall thought, not sure how tall she might be next year or whether she might be on ‘vacation’ then!!!


Monday we went up to Moffatdale to see Mum and Dad and catch up with Jess and Madalyn. It was such a hot day but its always nice to just sit, talk, share stories and tips. Mum and Dad are expert Grey Nomads so they have some great ideas of what to do and what not to do! We appreciate any tips being the ‘Green’ Almost Grey Nomads!!! πŸ™‚

Countdown is a’coming!!!

#philandnadinegapyear #philandnadinegapyear2016


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