Its official – because we have the shirts to prove it!

Phil and I are official Closing the Gap for the next year and we have designer t-shirts to prove it! Designed and printed by the amazing Amanda Hayman, we are so happy and chuffed with these little babies!

I mean – seriously how cute are they???


Amazing design by Amanda Hayman!!


We love them!!!!

Even cuter, Troy researched all the kooky and somewhat kinky Australian place names that we will now have to start looking up and venturing out to! I mean, it seems to me this country has a fascination with Gaps and Holes so it makes perfect sense to me to go on this adventure!!!

I did google ‘Cock Wash’ and “How to clean your penis’ came up! hahahahaha!! As it does!

If anyone esle has any names of places we should visit for ‘Gap Reasons’ please let us know! I think its hysterical!!!

#philandnadinegapyear #philandnadinegapyear2016


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