Day 1# Sunday 13th November 2016

After a slow crawl to the finish, today we woke up at 4.30am and started the final pack for the road. We had crossed off stuff on our list of things to do – that always kept getting bigger and bigger by the day – and then all of a sudden realised it was 7.30am!!

Lesson 1#: Do not dawdle as time will creep up on you and bite you on the bum quick fast!

So…with some tears (from me anyway) we did a final walk around the house and yard and bid a farewell to Leadale Street for a whole year!!!
Our plan was to try and make it to Yelarbon and camp a couple of days by the Dumaresq River but we hadn’t planned on a bit of hiccup installing the server at the kids place so a quick stop into Toowoomba for a tech thingy, a wikicamps check, Camps Australia check and we found out first location: Yarramalong Weir

Yarramalong Weir sits outside of Toowoomba via the Gore Highway. Driving out here, am not sure what it is you would actually do out here to keep yourself sane but am thinking cattle, farming, cattle, trucking, roads, council and ummmmm….farming.

When we pulled up, it seemed like to locals has escaped the heat and were enjoying some paddling and swimming in the weir. Looks like the place to be in Summer! Chessie seemed to enjoy the water but it was too steep for her to get in and out of and I didn’t really want to fight the reeds and potential eels roaming freely in the glorious murky brown! Not that I saw any but I know they are in there….I can sense them!
Overnight camp set up in under 30 minutes so we were happy. Now, I am probably going to say this allot over the coming months as we travel around this country but FLIES FLIES FLIES! Yes, it’s the bush. Yes, its summer and yes, Imma say it again – FLIES!

Flies are not my friend and make for crunchy Happy Hour drinks – eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

We had just sat down to toast our first sunset when this fella comes along and asks us to help assist some young ones who got a bit stuck in their car. At first, Phil said we hadn’t bought anything with us and then we remembered the winch! That big, heavy, bulky bloody thing on the front of the Navara that we thought, “ We’ll never use that!” Well – we did and on day one!

So Poppa Phil and the Navara to the rescue!

Hopefully a bit of travel karma will come our way!!!
Sunset on day one for our adventure and while I know there will be many sunsets and sunrises to come, there was something really sweet about this one.




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