Day 2#: From Yarramalong to Yelarbon

Morning all! It seems when the sunrises, so do we! Falling asleep was like camping out under the stars last night. Crystal clear and nothing but sparkles as far as the eye could see!

The free campsite (you can stay up to 3 days for free) is a great stop. Clean, tidy, quiet and a super clean toilet block! Rubbish bins close by and leave it as you found it – clean.

So we packed up early and hit the frog and toad!


Today’s destination is some more free camping just outside Yelarbon called Lees Reserve. Found this one on wikicmaps and its all self-contained so we thought we could stay here a couple of days, get tings sorted, plan the next 10 days and then rest…relax and breathe after what has been a topsy turvy six months of emotions.

Millmerran was out first stop though as there were some things I hadn’t packed. I am sure I had but needless to say, they didn’t make it into the van or the trailer so I have no idea where they are! Probably under the stairs!! A trip to a small country town is not complete without a morning tea at the local bakery. Dunno….our Wynnum Bakery is awesome and certainly a lot cheaper that Rosie’s at Millmerran. Popped into IGA and Bottlemart and off we went!!!

EMUS! I nearly caused an accident when I saw them! I don’t know why I have the urge to scream when I see an animal. It’s not like Phil is 1000kms away from me. He is just beside me in the car but I get super excited! Especially when I see so many fat and healthy emus just doing their biz! OMG they are way super cute. Last time we travelled out this way, we saw nothing so it was good to see plenty of them this time around.

Yelarbon apparently means ‘Large Lagoon’ but I have yet to have that confirmed! Anyone know if that’s right? Will have to check my language AP and see. There are heaps of blue signs heading out this way that have the placenames and their Aboriginal meanings but doesn’t reference what language? Would it be Gungari??

Lee’s Reserve sits on the Dumaresq River which separates the Queensland and New South Wales borders. One of those places where if you wanted a mad New Years celebration, this would be the spot! It’s great to see so many free camping spots like this available.

We found a great little site beside the river’s edge and with great access to a flatter area where there are rapids and a dog swimming area, of course! Having a few days at a place like this also allowed us the chance to put our complete campsite up. We have only managed to do bits and pieces before so it was great to put all the walls up, the annexes, the ensuite and the floors down. We even managed to get the loo and shower functioning!

Then it was time for a swim…for the four-legged that is!!!

A beautiful sunset and first camp cook up and we were done and dusted. An early night….seeing 9pm is late now! Tomorrow, we explore the river a little more and see what there is to see…or we do nothing but sit and rest. Really, the choice is ours and well, maybe that’s what is intended by Closing the Gap J

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