Day 3#: Lee’s Reserve

After a peaceful night’s sleep, we were again up at a sparrows to the delightful calls of thousands of birds! Who needs an alarm when these little babies start? First the kookaburras, then the Butcher Birds, then the Galahs and finishing off with the loudest Cockatoos I have heard in ages!

I forgot we are in dry country so while the days can get up to high heats, the nights are surprising cool and last night got chilly in the early morning with the coldest being just before the sun rose. The stillness, the cold and then the sun!

We got up and walked down to the river’s edge before taking a short stroll along the river, checking out the fishing spots, bush tracks and rough road where we won’t be venturing for the time being. The trees here are amazing…I am sure they would have many stories to tell and they seem to just hang and relax by the river so splendidly – like old people just hanging out…shooting the breeze…catching up on things!

Chessie seems to be really getting into the swing of this gap year.  I would love to know what goes on inside that head of hers because sometimes, she just looks at me like I am crazy!!


Afternoon of fixing some things with the trailer, oiling the zips, re-packing some goods and figuring out what else we need to get in order to be liveable for the trip. I think the next month will be about discovering things that work, don’t work, the good, the bad and ugly about living on the road. There are the practical things like where to store food, where to place toiletries, how to erect canopies so they give the best cover and breeze.  And then there are the complicated things like how much water do we chew by using the shower or washing or how much gas do we consume over 3 days? All these things are important because the longer you stay on the road self-contained, the better you have to be at being resourceful.

Why use gas when you can build a fire?

Why be eaten alive by flies when you can sit inside, drape some eucalypt branches outside and fend them off?

Eat more fresh fruit and drink more water!

I also had to do some washing which was going well until the wind swept up and blew it over into the fire ash pit which was bloody great!

Afternoon came and Phil had the urge to go fishing! Heaps of people have pulled up and gone fishing just down the way so he thought, why not! Let’s see what all the whoha is about! Now Chessie doesn’t understand that when you go fishing, you can’t go splashing in the same spot so trying to coerce her back onto the shore to sit, was hard. Fisherman Phil got a couple of bites, a couple of snags and lost his bait a couple of times so all in all, it was a successful attempt!

THINGS TO BUY: sharp knife for fishing and a handline for Nadine.

We finished off the afternoon with a Chessie swim!!!

And then decided we should build a fire so as the night got cooler, the flies got less we were able to sit down under the stars and soak it all in. Besides, nothing beats going to sleep with the smell of bushfire in your hair!!!!

Day four beckons and it will be our last one here before we move onto Lightning Ridge via Collarenebri.

#philandnadinegapyear #philandnadinegapyear2016



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