Paws for thought: OMG this place is awesome!

Wow! I just don’t know what to even WOW! This place is awesome! I don’t even know what it is called but I don’t care because it is awesome!


The water area here is like a gazillion times bigger than the one the humans have for me at home. When we get back, I am going to ask for an upgrade because I am seriously getting ripped off! This place even has its own washer running fast thing which I haven’t been allowed to swim in yet. The crazy one  won’t let me and gets all jittery if I get too close. She has to calm her farm a bit!

I have been sniffing so much that I have to have a rest every so often because my sniffer gets all tired.

There are these things on the other side of the water area that are a little bit bigger than my other four legged mates but smaller than those big  rat things we see at home. They make this funny screaming noise to. I don’t like them. I growl at them all the time but I think they don’t hear me because they don’t move. They just stand there looking at me screaming. Stoopid furry screamy things.

Maybe they are screaming because they can’t jump into the water area like me.  I would be jealous of me too if I couldn’t do that.

My Tall Man Human spent the afternoon chucking an invisible stick into the water area. I just think that is bad manners considering there are so many sticks he could have thrown for me instead. Nothing bought his invisible stick back with anything on it so why even bother? The Crazy Red Haired Human kept calling me back. Chessie! Chessie! Yes – I know my name. If you are not going to three me a stick then stop saying my name.

Finally though, she let me free!!! OMG WATER OMG OMG STICK OMG OMG WATER ouch ouch…that pebbling part is a little bit hard on my feet but WATER!!! OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH CHUCK IT CHUCK IT CHUCK ggurgllllebuayrefhjdhhgfywwefhjgse oops that water tastes weird but I don’t care!

I had a good day. I had a great day! My humans love me. They play with me, take me on trips, pat me, let me play in the water area and give me heaps of patting time. I think I might just keep them. Tonight, I had my dinner and headed off early to bed while I let my two humans stay up a little late by the red glowing thing. That’s too hot for me. I prefer the comfort of my bed inside.




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