Days 5,6 & 7: Lightning Ridge

Well…..I have to say that this place is as hot as Hades and apparently it’s not even the summer heat yet!!! Why are you people living in this town!!!!You seriously are crazy!!!
We cruised on in to Lighting Ridge on Friday and right away we got the heat vibe. Even the birds were hanging off the branches all weepy but we thought, its only for today. How wrong we were!

The only thing I will say about lightning ridge is that the landscape had been totally destroyed by the mining. I know that’s an obvious thing to say but it’s not just the mining but the amount of old junks just left to rot – cars, yes, trucks, buses, trains, aeroplanes, fridges, toilets, cement trucks- all just left.

When you are a money you don’t even have to fill in the hole you created. All you have to do by law is put up for posts, done fencing and walk away. It’s pretty ugly I think and Phil said, it’s a reflection of greed and laziness.
Then there are pearls like Amigos House and our awesome tour guide Harry who gave us all insights into the local mobs history and contribution to Lightning Ridge that are awesome.

We went underground which was sooooo much cooler than being up!!!

There were little gems like this mural in the street…

If you come out this way, make sure you take a Black opal Tour because not only do they give you both perspectives to the history but they also let dogs onto the tour bus!!! Chessie was stoked!!

We also visited Stanley who I will refer to as Dhinawan ( because that’s what he should be called) who is a huge sculpture that sits on the outskirts of town and was built to acknowledge the emu…which I thought was deadly until I looked at the signage which had huge amounts of errors. But… was done and stated and created in partnership with the community which was great.

If you come to Lighting Ridge, make sure you pop into the Bush garden which was created by community as is a great insight into bush medicine and history of the local area. What I thought was  interesting was that the ‘settled history’ reflected on how much the settlers relied on the Aboriginal community and their role in making it what it is today. That is a good thing.

I continued my fight with the flies of the world by buying this great net which i lost by the end of the day. The fashion spirits must have looked down on me because it was great while it lasted!

We also did the Car Door Tours which address self guided drives and walks around and about. Go to the information centre and pay $1 for the brochure and do it! They are great ways funding out a little bit about the people and places.

We saved the Green Car Door Tour for last and finished our time in Lightning Ridge with a glorious sunset….pretty speccy.

Phil completed the maze!!! Chessie just jumped over the rocks and beat him to the punch!

Actually, we then ducked downtown for Chinese for a whopping $$52 and then headed home, ate, washed and crawled into a hot hot bed which happily cooled down overnight.
Then it was off to…..



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