Paws for thought: Where has my water area gone?

I am currently snuggled up in my car – with full seat – enjoying the cool comforts of cold air boasting my face after an eternity in the hottest place ever! 

This place didn’t even have a water area for four leggeds. Well it did but only stooped humans could jump in there and not four legs. Most of the time the humans just sat around the edge talking to each other and not splashing in there. What a waste to a water area if you ask me!
My humans found some cool spots for me though and I was able to play with the stick in the shade. I don’t know what it is about those sticks….they are amazing fun! 

Though chasing them leaves me a little pooped now… Being a senior an all….

Although, the Crazy One and Tall Man human took me on a bus ride to different places which was okay. I had to sit with this old man with a stick for a time while they disappeared down a tunnel…fine leave me with a stranger…didn’t anyone every tell them about stranger danger?? Stoopid humans….
But all was forgiven when we hopped back onto the cool cool bus and went for a bit more driving. I like the driving with cool air thing! Then we stopped at this making place with soooooo many sniffs I didn’t know what to do!

There were other four legged there as well – little ones, big ones, ones that were fetching their own sticks – weird – but it was so cool! Literally, it was so cool and calm.
My tall man human was walking and walking in circles to reach a piles of rocks in the centre. He was looking like a real goose. Sometimes I think he is just as crazy as the red haired one because all he needed to do was jump over them. Much quicker…

My humans were good to me tonight. 

They made sure I was cool, had lots of pee stops, gave me treats, patted me, rubbed me down with non-biting stuff and then put me to bed.
I kind of love them some days. They are super cool. Now, only if they would take me to another water area!!!



3 thoughts on “Paws for thought: Where has my water area gone?

  1. Nel Matheson says:

    I’ve been hanging out for Paws for thought! Chessie is one gorgeous dog! No wonder you have taken him travelling with you. Happy travels


  2. anne mcdonald says:

    Hey Chessie not only finds the solution to the maize quicker than the two humans, but the blue capsule looks like it has become her home away from home, hope those humans find a nice waterhole next stop.


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