Day 10 & 11 : Molong to Gunning to Canberra

This morning we started off early and headed to Wellington. Not the New Zealand one but thee one just ‘down the road.’

Wellington has all the making of a picture postcard township! There was a glorious park in the centre of town that even had a Bunya Tree. It was really huge and when I went into the information centre, the lady told me that they originally had three but lost the others. She was curious about the actual nuts as they tend to use them as doorstops! I mentioned to her that you actually eat them and she was mind blown! So I gave her some contacts from up north and said she should ring and find out what and how you can cook and eat them.

Phil, Chessie and I then had morning tea from the local bakery WHICH WAS AMAZING!!!
One thing I loved about Wellington was the little sights you saw down all the little laneways and the old historical buildings they haven’t yet destroyed.

After a quick visit to the dump point!! We went up to climb Mt Archer.

Chessie and Phil led the charge up to the top where we had sweeping views of Wellington and surrounding areas. It’s nice to walk through and see language words like ‘Kallang’ which means beautiful in the local language.

Now, I’m not one for car racing but even I got a bit of a kick being able to drive around Mount Panorama. We were much  much slower than the average race car – the average car really but we had fun! When we got down to the finish, you could smell the brakes!!! Oops! As we parked, Phil reckoned ‘Just watch for spot fires from the brakes.’ I laughed until I realised he was serious!

Phil ducked off into the National Motor Racing Museum while Chessie and I headed up for a walk along the Winner’s Podium and pit lane. It was pretty hot so Chessie was a little slow but when it not being used as a race track, it’s just a normal street so you see people running and walking everywhere!

Then we got lost….well, we didn’t get lost but google didn’t show us the right   turn off which meant we missed it and of course there were no turning places along the road so we had to keep going….ugh….one of those moments!

So instead of spending the night by the creek we spent to night by ourselves at the Gunning Showgrounds. Actually, there were a fair few cockatoos, galahs and magpies that kept us company.

Up early and Chessie and I went for a morning walk and run up the hill and around the park. She got into her normal ‘packing up’ position in the back seat of the Ute while we did everything. I will have to have a talk to her about pulling her weight. I have given her about a week’s grace but enough is enough.
Today, we cruise into Canberra for a stay. Looked around the place for some free accommodation but couldn’t find any and found that you can stay at the Exhibition Showgrounds (EPIC) for $22 a night – bargain! And lucky for us, Canberra is in circles so you can’t get lost…or found…or nothing!



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