Day 8: Lightning Ridge to Ponto Falls

Finally…finally we left the heat and flies of Lightning Ridge and headed off to somewhere cool. Actually, the ridge was kind of cool (well not really) but it had some great things that were interesting but I think its somewhere you would have to visit in the winter. I mean, I am a North Queenslander but this heat was ridiculous and no matter what we did to cool down, other than jump in the car – nothing worked.

I guess if we head North of Perth into the Top End, we (or should I say I) am going to have to suck it up! Maybe I might just join Chessie in the car. Don’t know what she would think about sharing the backseat!

We stopped on at Walgett for morning tea. Could get to ‘Come by Chance’ this time but at least we know where it is!!!

One of the best things we have been able to do is utilise the free camps aps and books like Camp Australia and wikicamps. They have been great in being able to identify free camps, cost effective stays and cheaper caravan parks so you are not spending all of your time paying for accommodation. Downside, sometimes the maps are not accurate and if you rely on Google Maps, it takes you into the river instead of the access road beside it – case in point: Ponto Falls.

Where is Ponto Falls?? If you rely on Google….it’s in the actual river but it’s this pretty little river stream that winds its way around the bend after Walgett….actually, you can find it eventually…like we did!

We have been saying that we needed to do more practice parking and reversing the van so I got to do some in the middle of Farmer Jo’s paddock. Talk about a 300 point turn!!! This thing is like parking drunk not that I have ever done that but I can only imagine. Phil is always reminding me to steer to the trouble. It’s as good trick to remember and it does work – I just have to trust myself more!

So eventually we floated across the river – gammon ways we drove – into the lovely riverside. We pulled up right on the waterside and got out and BAM!!!! FLIES!!! FLIES!!! FLIES!!! They were incredible!!!

Put then tent up quickly and then took off into the water to cool down. Chessie was beside herself. I don’t know what it is with this dog but I am sure she can sense water over a 1km away because she started going   crazy when we hit the turn off! When she saw the water – that was it!

The water was AMAZING~ so cool and pure and refreshing it turned my hair curly again!

Dinner was like eat and run! I was cooking with a net over my head just to be fly free! I had the swatter working overtime and then we ate inside to beat them. We thought we would start a fire to get some smoke happening and some way of smoking out the insects and it did work for a bit.
Another night by a peaceful river…another glorious sunset and sunrise….



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