Day 9: Ponto Falls to Molong

Chessie and I ducked off for a quick swim after we packed up the campsite. It was only 9am but it had already started to get hot and the flies were ready to pounce so we cut the off at the pass!

Its funny when you are on the road, how quickly you lose sense of time. Days and dates have just become a blur to me but knowing what time of the day is just ridiculous! I think we know judge our days by the rise and fall of the sun, Once the sun is up – so are we. Actually, down this neck of the woods once the cockatoos start going off – GET UP NOW! Best alarms ever!

Chessie was sad to leave Ponto Falls. I swear I heard her curse me when I had to put her into the car. She has actually started her own routine now.

When we pull up and start to set up camp she stays in the ute until we are finished. IN the mornings when she knows we are leaving, she heads to the door of the ute and looks to one of us to open it so she can jump up onto her seat while we pack. I really wish she would start pulling her weight a little more and chip in J

Leaving Ponto Falls was a bit sad for all of us. It was a lovely little spot and you can actually stay there for up to 14 days for free!! Do it in winter though when the flies are asleep! You can take some walks along the edges of the river around the bend where we saw heaps fo locals run their cars up and over the rock fences. I don’t know whether they have a stash of hooch there but they gather something. I think it’s the freshwater mussel.

We drove a fair bit today as we need to be in Canberra by Wednesday so ended up paying for a caravan spot in Molong in the cleanest and tidiest caravan park so far!!!! We had the only spot in the unpowered area all to ourselves and set up office in the BBQ area but the showers were to die for!!! Hahaha what really matters when you are on the road is the luxury of a shower and a hot one at that!!! And access to a laundry!

We took a stroll down the main street of Molong and it is such a pretty little town. I swear you would have thought it was winter by the colours of the trees that lined the streets. There were old heritage buildings everywhere and you got a sense that the township looked after them.

Chessie and I made friends with a local elderly lady who loves dogs. She told me they don’t allow dogs in the home where she currently lives but she loves coming downtown to pat peoples. Her daughter has a dog who loves it when she comes to stay because she spoils her! Something tells me Chessie would be well spoilt by this lady!
There was also a lot of recognition of the Wiradjuri People especially a local, YUinagh who travelled with Mitchell across the area. He was his right hand man and when he passed, Mitchell requested a traditional and western tombstone to be erected on his country and forever untouched. Something unheard of in those days and something the township takes pride in which is even better.

Night came and we both had a little work to do, Chessie had to sleep


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