Farewell Canberra

So…while we wait for Phil and Chessie to recap their Canberra adventures, I will continue with a gap in the gap year! Hahahaha to many gaps! 

Anyways, we had a wonderful morning tea with Don… Now a true Canberra local! It is really lovely to be able to pop in and see friends and family while we are in the road so make no mistake, we will be calling in!

As always, Chessie gets into the shots!

Winding or way from Canberra to mystery Bay… We never thought the roads would be like this! Carrying an extra two tonnes kind of makes it a little scary when you have to show down to 35km to take a right corner…..DIN  SQUEEZE GOOD AND PROPER! 

Then we arrived at Mystery Bay Camp ground which was beautifully located beside beaches and cliffs! Chessie was chuffed that we finally got the beach!

Happiest dog in the world!

Hard not to be when you have no leash and so much space. We took off for a stroll the next day and explored the area. As we have Chessie, we are a bit limited to where we can go and unfortunately can’t go into any national Park. 

Ah well… We still have this. .

Lots to do….

And always great to see signage that acknowledges local mob.

Chessie was so chuffed she was cactus again!! Lights out at 7pm!! She is well trained now…puts herself to bed now!

 This was a really relaxing little stop. Drop in if you are down this way!

But lots of blue bottles! They were huge!

Time to pack up and hear to our next stop! 

#philandnadinegapyear #mysterybay #yuincountry


3 thoughts on “Farewell Canberra

  1. anne mcdonald says:

    Poor Chessie not allowed in but I think the Nature Reserves will be ok. Did you get any fishing done, pippis good bait. Glad you caught up with Don, were you Phills offsider when he was being a boy scout, hopefully Karma will be kind to you both. Night from us xx


  2. anne mcdonald says:

    Hey the bluebottles were an event when we were at Pottsville wonder if its a seasonal thing, we werent game to go in the water down there, Sharks a problem again not sure if down there maybe a radio check


    • nadineldowd says:

      Those things were huge!!! They said because there was a cokm snap after a awrm snap….Snap that! Not going in that water!!! Xxx


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