Running away??

When Phil and I decided to do the Gap Year, we had initially planned to d no work – just play which has worked pretty well so far. We have promised that the Gap Year was about making changes to our lives, relax and breathe a little more so if we can manage to keep to that, we will be happy.

We also acknowledge that what we do is a part of us and have settled into a bit of a pattern and hopefully one that enables us to balance life and work a bit better for us.

I have thrown a casual spanner into the mix with accepting a part time position with the Commonwealth Games Festival 2018 Programming Team. I had my interview weeks ago after deciding that it was a n opportunity not to be missed and an awesome experience!

The work will involve me working one day a week for the time being and also flying home to work at the Gold Coast. This will mean leaving my hubbie and dog on the road but we see that as their time to bond together J

I left for the Gold Coast the night we arrived in Canberra and spent 4 days in Brisbane and the coast which was really great. There are some awesome works I will have the honour of being involved in and I will be able to tell you more as time goes on.

It will be an interesting challenge working on the road but seriously, when my work desk gets to change all the time, I can’t complain!!

Looking forward to the future…..



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