A couple of days at Marlo

The whole idea of taking of to the coast was to finally get some saltwater swimming and beach time! Well how this victorian weather!!!!!!

Can someone explain to me how is approaching summer and it got to a high of 19 degrees today??? COME ON!!! I have to keep working on my tan so things better start changing…

We are staying at Marlo for a couple of nights and taking of during the day to walk and explore the coast line and the parks along the rivers here.

Today we started at Cape Conran b which is quite stunning. On clear and sunny days this place would be sensational. It was still great to wind through the walk tracks and then come across little bays….and shells….so many shells! 

There is also the Gunai Boardwalk which winds it’s way around the water with some information about the site, its relevance to the local mob and some information about the many middens. 

We even stumbled across a little porcupine who tried to hide…not very well! 

We got a bit lost but ended up doing the full loop to Salmon Rocks and then doing the long climb back.
And Chessie was in beach heaven!

But I have created some collages here of all the sights and delights..some not so delightful like the slow long incline home! 

Top place …off to see more tomorrow! 
#marlo #gunaicountry #philandnadinegapyear


4 thoughts on “A couple of days at Marlo

    • nadineldowd says:

      No she was really good….very intrigued but didn’t even go close …poor little porky! Not very good at hiding though! Hahahah


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